• Missy Elliot Music Video “Bad Boy”

• “Apollo” Dancer, Singer 2000

•  Disney Tour Artist “Lika” Dancer 2001

• “Army Soldier Show” Performer 2003

• “Army Soldier Show” Crew 2004-05

• Seoul Korea “Hyatt Hotel” Singer 2006

• “Seoul Korea Tour” Performer 2006-08

• CD Release “Tell Me Why” 2008

•“MWR Tour Korea” Performer 2008-2009

•Central Valley Rams Semi Pro “Half Time Show” *Performer 2009

•Opening act “Indie Arie” 2009

•Opening act “San Quin” 2010

• Opening act “Jase Soul 4 Real” 2010

•Lady-T Promotional Tour “R.H.R.N” 2010

•Reality TV “Momster of the Bride” Performer 2011

•“Candlelight Collection Fashion Show” Performer, Model 2011

•Opening act “J. Valentine” 2011

•Feature in “Hip Hop Weekly Magazine” 2011

•“R.H.R.N” Clothing Line Release 2011

•"IMASN Tour" 2012

•Opening act "Natalie Stovall" 2012

•Closing act "Lil Flip" 2012
Who is Lady-T

The one best expression to describe Lady-T is down-to-earth. Lady-T was born in
Oakland, California with creativity in her blood.
The dancer, singer, and song
was inspired by her mother, who influenced her style of music by exposing her
to Gospel and R &B greats. Growing up listening to artists such as Gospel singers
Dixie Hummingbirds, and R & B legends like Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin, it was
inevitable that Lady-T would develop a soulful gospel style.

Lady-T didn't take singing seriously until her teenage years. Her heart’s passion was,
and still is, dance.
Starting as a professional dancer, Lady-T has danced for
Disney, Apollo and Missy Elliott, toured with many artists, and danced in many
music videos and competitions.

When she joined the military she was accepted to perform with the All Army Soldier
A nine month tour ended up being a three year tour for Lady-T. She took a
year’s break after her discharge from the military. Then she moved to
Seoul Korea
where she was offered a contract to perform at various hotels and events.

Seoul Records gave her a chance to cut an album. While working on this project she
received support from both Korea and the United States.
Working with famous
Korean singers, and with prestigious American producers and record labels,
Lady-T released her first CD, “Tell me Why,”
which was a huge success in Korea.

With the planned release of “The Beginning” Lady-T will have her first CD produced in
the United States.
R.H.R.N, the featured single, has had many highly favorable
Lady-T has worked with well known names such as
Capitol Records, Paul Cabbin
and Grammy winning Evern Goknar
. This project will be nothing but success!
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