The Beginning
RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2012
LABEL: T-G Productions
The Beginning’, consists of twelve original songs from Lady-T,
each providing a combination her high-energy, melodious
vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The rhythmic undercurrent bears
testament to a sound the world will love, and the music is hop.

The theme of the album underlies the changes that Lady-T
has gone through over recent years, the biggest of which
being the ‘The Beginning’ stages of falling in love. It was this
that allowed her to thrive off the new opportunities
presented to explore fresh sounds and develop her musical

“R.H.R.N” which is one of the featured singles on the album
most definitely captures the daring elements of using your
voice as an instrument.

This CD definitely has what it takes to take your mind on a
Yes (Ever Had)
The Beginning
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The Beginning SE
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